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ChatGPT: Unlocking the Power of Automated Conversations

How ChatGPT Plugins Can Help Improve Your Customer Service ChatGPT plugins are a powerful tool for improving customer service. By leveraging the power of natural...

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development: Which is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to mobile app development, there are two main types of apps: native and hybrid. So, which one is right for your business?...

10 Ways to Make Money From Your Mobile App (With Examples)

As a non-technical founder, it can seem intimidating to try and make money off of your mobile app. But don’t let that fear hold you...

10 Lessons I learned & you Need to Know as a Non-Technical Founder

When I started my career in tech, I had no idea what I was doing. I was fresh out of college, and the only thing...

My Story: 101 – My journey from Security Guard to Fullstack Engineer

Use my experience as a security guard to help non-technical founders get to where they want to go.

The 4 paths that you can take as a Non-Technical Founder

As a non-technical founder, you may feel like you're at a disadvantage when it comes to building your own startup. You may think that because...

The 3 Pieces of Advice That Every Non-Technical Founder Needs to Hear

If you're a non-technical founder, it can be difficult to find the right resources to help you achieve your goals.

How to validate your idea for your next mobile app project

If you’re like most people, you probably have an idea for a mobile app that would be the next big thing. But how do you...

How to launch a Mobile App in less than 30 days

The steps you need to take to get your product off the ground

Why most Non-technical founders fail to build a successful product

If you’re a non-technical founder, there’s a good chance you’re failing. According to recent studies, only 2% of startups are founded by people who don’t...