How successful coaches make more while doing less

How successful coaches make a high income is by being laser-focused on two simple things. 1- Get Consultations2- Do Consultations Common sense, but not common practice To make that happen, they use a predictable system. The system consists of two parts, the major part is Technical, and the rest is Action. It takes some time […]

The problem with Do-it-myself Mentality

In general, some people are looking for growth, and some prefer to figure it out themselves. The problem with the “figure it out myself” group, which honestly, I was once one of them I’d genuinely take pride in how long it would take me to make something work, though I’d eventually make it work. Plus, […]

How Certificates are valued in the Market!

Personal trainers with Level 1, 2, 3, or more No one cares about you. If you have an MBA, graduated as 1st class honors, got certificates in TRX, kettlebell, all sorts of personal training certification LEVEL 1, 2, 5, 20, or even hundred; still, no one would give a damn about this… If you have […]

3 Tips for Personal Trainers Struggling to Increase Their Monthly Income

So many personal trainers still rely on gym walk-ins and referrals to bring in new clients.. there’s nothing wrong with that, but this is a temporary solution for a permanent problem, it’s like putting bandages for a broken leg! Have a look at the tips below and give it a try 1) Have a proven […]

How Value is Created

Iphone image with starbuks

13 years ago, when Apple was first coming up with the iPhone, they had lots of meetings, and they said that the #iPhone was gonna cost a thousand bucks. Everyone assumed it was a stupid idea, and said NO one is ever going to pay a thousand bucks for a phone. No one has or would spend […]