How successful coaches make a high income is by being laser-focused on two simple things.

1- Get Consultations
2- Do Consultations

Common sense, but not common practice

To make that happen, they use a predictable system. The system consists of two parts, the major part is Technical, and the rest is Action.

It takes some time to set it up, but then it runs on autopilot.

It will make your life work effortless and ensure that you focus on what matters to achieve the highest point of contribution and amplify the success stories.

Sounds relevant to what you’re trying to achieve?

I know!

I will reveal it to you right now to implement it today in your business.

It’s a proven system that worked really well for my clients.

1- Select your target market (only 1 niche-market)
2- Craft direct response marketing messages that get your prospects to raise their hands, wanting to know more about your coaching business.
3- Create a landing page with a video/images of you and include words relevant to your market
4- Embed Calendly (Free) or OnceHub to schedule your sales calls
5- Use CRM systems such as Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Convertkit to store the lead’s information
6- Start reaching your prospects with social media by joining groups, add 30 – 60 prospect a day, post 1 to 2 times a week to perk up your market ears and show them how they can get in touch with you + send them to your landing page/booking software
7- Call them at the scheduled time, ask them the right questions, and make the sale only if you can help the person.
8- Repeat 6 – 7, max 2hrs a day, for 4 weeks min.

Try it, and if you need any help, reach out to me and help you out.

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