In general, some people are looking for growth, and some prefer to figure it out themselves.

The problem with the “figure it out myself” group, which honestly, I was once one of them

I’d genuinely take pride in how long it would take me to make something work, though I’d eventually make it work.

Plus, it cost me thousands of hours, tens of thousands of riyals, and years of my life.

That’s a scarcity mindset.

Overlooking the relation between time and money, without fully understanding it

These days if I am doing something new, I look for who has done it ahead of me.

I buy their stuff to make sure that I’d spend the least amount of time and eventually get there faster.

And I can’t express more, but say that the results are profound!

We live in a competitive world.

If you’re happy moving like a turtle, “figuring it out yourself.”
You’ll be left behind.

1. Think about what you need to get to where you want to go
2. Find who has got it or done it already
3. Pay them to show you how it works

If you are a Personal Trainer, this is for you.

I can help you make a high income and work fewer hours, and it takes minimum time from you.

So if you’re looking to do this faster, all you have to do is contact me bro, and I will help you out!

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