Personal trainers with Level 1, 2, 3, or more No one cares about you.

If you have an MBA, graduated as 1st class honors, got certificates in TRX, kettlebell, all sorts of personal training certification LEVEL 1, 2, 5, 20, or even hundred; still, no one would give a damn about this…

If you have 10k, or even 100M followers on social media, and a superb website, No one would care about this

Sounds familiar? or could be your plans?

These things will not give you priority in the market.

People care about themselves.

They care about their transformation and their results, if you get as qualified as you could by throwing money on certificates, it won’t matter to them. It will not encourage someone to lose weight, gain muscle, or solve other problems.

Imagine going to a dentist with a sore tooth, would you care if he’s graduated from this colleague or had taken that course or whatever? All you would care about is removing that pain so you can continue living your life.

So, you either keep on doing what you’re doing or become a pain relief to someone who wants help.

I have some openings for new clients right now, and if you’re interested in getting clients who are looking for fitness help, then reach out here and let’s talk.

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