So many personal trainers still rely on gym walk-ins and referrals to bring in new clients.. there’s nothing wrong with that, but this is a temporary solution for a permanent problem, it’s like putting bandages for a broken leg!

Have a look at the tips below and give it a try

1) Have a proven system that generates clients. Successful PT’s get 60 – 100 qualified leads/month

2) Stop selling time for money If you’re going to work 80 – 100 hrs per week!! Whats left for you? What about your family & social life? To become a successful PT and achieve success in your life, you need to start charging per value! Not time

3) Leverage the power of social media advertising!! you will want to fire up campaigns in social media to present yourself as the key to helping someone out

The goal is to “increase revenue and decrease working hours”.

A deeper knowledge of what makes for success in the marketing & converting fitness leads to high paying clients is only revealed to my clients…

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